I wrote, trying to find words.

NaBloPoMo seems frivolous in the face of events in Paris yesterday; in light of the thousands of people who are victims of violence every day in every part of the world. Dis-spirited, I wrote, asking pointless questions about what motivates humans to violence; listing some of the weapons and ways that have become commonplace; trying to find some solid ground, emotionally.

Then the cat came and sat behind my laptop, watching the neighbors raking leaves. He turned, gave one chomp to the power cord of my laptop, and the screen went black. Whatever I wrote, if it was meaningful or not, its gone. Power cord is kaput – $80 to replace it, so my experienced daughter tells me – and I am more dazed and confused than before. And now my Internet connection is not working either, so I will bow to the effects of Mercury retrograde and quit.

Managed to get back online, although the power is slowly draining from the computer. Still fairly speechless, but at least I am able to appreciate the windy day and realize that my questions are unanswerable; I cannot be wholly absorbed in sadness, anger and fear, nor can I erase them from my consciousness and live as if I do not know or care.

A few lines from Pema Chodron:

Life is short.

Every act counts.

Every thought and emotion counts too.

This is all the path we have.

These ideas do not promise comfort, understanding or a resolution. They simply are true.

This is all the path we have.








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  1. I love the peace image.
    What a crazy world. My friends were 2 blocks away having dinner and are still shaking. Remembrance of things past: 9 -11. When the whole country and the rest of the world shook in disbelief. Today, we are “the rest of the world.”

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