Just when I decide:  ‘I have nothing to say and why bother anyway, I can find better things to do! I’m done with this…’

I go ahead with my brief morning meditation, sitting on the daybed in the sun and when I open my eyes, unexpectedly, as if I didn’t know what would be in front of my face in this room, I see my little ivy stretching up, next to the row of three Buddha heads lined across the window beside it, both framed by the glory of sky and light that is outside the window. And I can’t help it, sour though I may have been feeling, I think ‘Damn I am rich.’ Rich, rich, rich. I have eyes that can see and I see beautiful things. Outside, birds swooping and leaves falling.

The other night as I sat out back in the twilight, admiring the drey (squirrels nest) up in the very top branches of the maple tree, more visible now, as the leaves clear out… I caught a movement off to my right and got to watch a squirrel in the neighboring tree move to the trembling end of a long twig, then back up for a running start and leap through the air to grasp and dangle from a long twig of its home maple. Then, silhouetted against the evening sky, I watched him/her choose its route up the tree, from this branch to that, leaping across from one tine of a fork to the other, making its way finally, up to the drey.

I was grinning to beat the band the whole time. Imagine what you can see when you just sit still. I’m not a huge fan of squirrels, especially because they are such careless eaters of the produce I grow in my garden. There have been countless tomatoes over the years, plucked by their nimble little paws when under ripe, ruined by their little nibbles and then dropped on the ground to rot. Hey guys, at least eat the whole thing or if you don’t like it, carry it to the compost heap. And remember that you don’t like the flavor! Don’t pick another one tomorrow.

Still grinning, watching the tree branches rocking in the steady breeze, I suddenly catch sight of a second squirrel on the same long twig of the same neighboring tree. Talk about riches! I get to watch the entire dance a second time. When the last tip of the bushy tail, etched against the darkened sky, disappears into the drey, I feel richly satisfied, filled to bursting with… life, I guess. Then I admit that it is now fully dark and I’m cold.

NaBloPoMo November 2015

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