Follow through

Today I am discouraged. There are several reasons why, but I don’t want to go into them.

Honestly, I want to quit this whole adventure. I think maybe exposing myself, my thoughts, feelings, painful history and current vulnerabilities is just not for me. I am not cut out for this.

Enough with ‘acting as if’ I am fearless, courageous, willing and able to spill my guts on a blog. Today, doubt and judgment win, just like the wealthy white men who won so many of the elections yesterday.

Sometimes a day can make a heck of difference. I know that it has happened before: after the worst of days, I can wake up with a jolt of optimism and purpose. So, who knows how tomorrow will dawn.

I’d like to follow through on this commitment to NaBloPoMo, but not if every post is full of whining.

Here’s a bit of info about GMOs in a product many of us think of as healthy and old fashioned.  It’s a ‘think again’ moment:







Oh, and one more thing…


Congressman Tim Ryan has put together a petition asking (!) that the FDA label the sugar content in processed foods in teaspoons (a measurement most people in the U.S. are familiar with), rather than in grams.  You can read and sign the petition here.  Its a small thing, but seems worth a moment of your time.


What do you think?

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