Something different

This post isn’t about my Food Life Story, past or present.  I won’t be commenting on books or articles I’ve been reading about the Processed Food Industrial Complex or shame and stigma.

I have something very different to share; also a random observation and a little announcement.

Went to a concert last night… The young man’s name is David Garrett and he plays the violin (to use an old family saying…) “like nobody’s business!”  I came to an appreciation of classical music rather late in life; credit goes to my musically talented daughter and her Waldorf school experience.  Live music, like poetry, visual arts and theater, can have a soul-opening effect.  I may sound a little foolish, but if you haven’t heard of David Garrett, please take a moment to click one of the links below. He has virtuoso skills and performs both classical and contemporary music.

Michael Jackson: ‘Smooth Criminal’

Bach: ‘Sonata No. 2 Andante’

The Beatles:’Hey Jude’

Beethoven:  5th Symphony

Carmen Fantaisie Op 25

David Garrett:  Music 2013

Obviously, I had trouble picking just one or two youtubes to suggest.  There are dozens, long and short, from Germany, Japan and the U.S.  Hope you enjoy.

Now, for the odd observation.  Riding ‘shotgun’ on the highway, I realized that one of my favorite things to watch for, one of the things I love most about living in New England, is the remnants of old stone walls.  They are everywhere, especially alongside roads, snaking up off into the scrubby winter woods; a faint trail of tumbled down rocks.  Easy to overlook, but when I spot them I have a link to the past, farmers clearing fields of rock before they plant. Then using the crop of stones to mark a boundary.  I feel inexplicably drawn to these relics.

Lastly, a bit of awkward self-promotion.  I will be participating in a Spring Art Show in Concord, Massachusetts next weekend.  Here’s the info.  If you are local, please stop in and say hello.  Ten other wonderful artists will be there.  That’s my radish.

art showSpring Art Show and Sale
46 Wood St., Concord MA 01742
Friday, March 28, 6-8pm – Artists’ Reception
Saturday, March 29, 10-3pm

Susan Bryant Caron –
Carolyn Dittes
Nancy Heselton
Catherine Johnson –
Linda Merwin
Virginia Mustin
Jennifer Pope
Liz Prescott –
Carol Ryan
Stacey Lodato
Barbara Wiltshire –


What do you think?

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