Back to the…

One thing that I’ve realized lately – actually the awareness has been there for some time, but I kept pushing it aside – is that I want to return to some of the early parts of the Eating Art Work & Food Life Story project.  I want to make the time to do drawings of food again, because I enjoy doing that.  Initially, as you may know, I always had a conversation with the food item, as part of the drawing, as the completion of the drawing. The words that I wrapped around the food image were (are) what makes them mine:  they speak for me.

Then I got caught up in the business of using the drawings on products.  Not only was (am) I spending a lot of time sewing kitchen towels and printing note cards (etc), but as a business person, I saw that while some people loved the words with the drawings, some preferred the drawings alone.  So I began to craft for a market, instead of my self.

This is when the buzzer sounds.  I won’t call it a mistake; it was clearly a choice to step away from the conversation part of the project.  But it has haunted me a little… going all the way back to the sugar snap pea drawing (almost two years ago now?) the drawings have felt naked, unfinished, abandoned.  Don’t get me wrong, a number of the newer drawings are favorites… but some thing is missing.  The talk.

I want to get back to that element.  First to revisit and complete the old ones. Then there are so many foods I’m eager to draw… onions, eggs, curly kale… to name a few.  So that’s one thing that I am publicly stating as an intention.  There are a couple of new products I’ve been playing with, as well as crafting the ones already on my etsy site.  But I don’t want the business to take precedence over the project, or alter the project work any more.

Another element of the original project was interviewing people about their food life stories.  I LOVE doing that.  Perhaps even a bit more than the drawing, because I have always been passionate about hearing people’s stories.  I have almost a dozen people who have agreed to be interviewed and I haven’t made time for that in more than a year.  There are also the recordings from the initial set of 15 interviews, waiting for my attention.  Writing about those interviews is both daunting and exciting; but I need to make the time!

As I’m breaking free of some of the old shame that slows me down, energy is released.  I intend to use that burst of juice to re-examine what I want this project to be, what I have to say and how I want to spend my time to express my story.  Okay, that’s it for tonight.  Thanks for being there.

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