Have you noticed that when you commit to exploring or doing something, when you set an intention to really open up and take risks… there seems to be a lot of synchronicity, all of the sudden?  About this time last year, as the exhausting holiday season of selling Eating Art Work design products came to a close, I decided that I would set aside time in January & February for writing.  Within days, I saw a posting for an online class about Food Writing.  Seemed like a good way to learn, to practice not being the teacher/coach in a writing environment and to hear what others had to say, in their work and in their feedback on my work.  The door appeared, was easy to push open (paying for things online – as retailers know – is frightfully easy) and so I entered.

The actual six-week class experience had it’s ups and downs.  I learned that it was challenging to let go of my teacher-self in any writing environment.  But on balance, it was a great door to open & enter.  I met the women who now form my bi-weekly online/teleconference writing group.  Although my Food Life Story writing didn’t exactly fit into the traditional food writing genres:  restaurant reviews, recipe development, cookbooks, food memoirs or magazine articles, I felt safe, heard and at home.  The class ended, but it’s been an absolutely wonderful year working with these women, as we each develop our focus and voice. I believe we all hope to continue ‘meeting’ for a long time and to meet face-to-face (from our far-flung locales) in the not too distant future.

Synchronicity and intention have brought me a fabulous new connection with an old friend who has become a writing ally.  Wide-ranging conversations about our lives and the thoughts, feelings and ideas that are emerging as we embrace being in our 60’s, have produced more strands of inquiry than I’ll ever be able to explore.  But each one leads to more and the fertility is, quite honestly, breath-taking, head-spinning-ly fabulous.

If you have read any of these blog posts, you know that NaBloPoMo was another door that popped up, popped open and gave me a terrific jump start.  My teeth are firmly engaged in daily writing on the book I’ve been talking about for several years.  Big yahoo!
The lovely and loving world of books has welcomed me since I was very young.  I feel overwhelmingly grateful to have entered, yet again, into the ideas and words of others.  One after another, books from a wide variety of disciplines have appeared over the past couple of years, and with increasing frequency in the last six months, to nourish and expand my thinking.

De-constructing shame is still my topic and goal, but it is exciting to uncover more and more of the the spiritual, linguistic, political, historical, cultural, psychological and personal aspects of this quest(ion).

PS:  about the title… one of the ways I love to play with words is by taking them apart and/or mispronouncing them.  Cheap thrills?  I love to say Gal-a-PAY-goes (Islands) and watch people squirm, wanting to correct me.  I recently played around with the pronunciation of Gore-GONE-zo-lah (cheese) at a party with people I did not know.  They thought I was strange.

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