Adding up

Addiction is scary to write about.  I am no expert; I am quoting experts; I am sharing my reflections and welcome feedback.  Addiction is a word that carries a pretty big charge.  Mostly people use it either somewhat lightly, as in “I am totally addicted to Mad Men or knitting or sports talk radio…”  Alternatively it is used with a darker, ominous tone, as in “I’m worried she may be addicted to pain killers…”

I am going to repeat a couple of things.  First is this definition of addiction I posted yesterday.

“Addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry.”

Then a link to the Connecticut College write up about the Oreo study.oreos
The language is uncannily similar, is it not?

“Brain reward” = Sugar/fat activates more pleasure neurons than heroin.

“Motivation, memory & related circuitry” = Rats hang out in the part of the maze where they got dosed with narcotics or sugar/fat.

“Environmental factors interact with the person’s biology and affect the extent to which genetic factors exert their influence” = The food products consumed can shift the balance, increasing likelihood of processed food addiction.  Repeated caloric deprivation can alter biological factors such as metabolic set point, leading to inevitable weight gain.

“Resiliencies the individual acquires (through parenting or later life experiences) can affect the extent to which genetic predispositions lead to the behavioral and other manifestations of addiction” = Social stigma, particularly if it is reinforced  by parenting choices, can lead to experiencing shame, greatly reduced resilience and addictive behavior.

“Culture also plays a role in how addiction becomes actualized in persons with biological vulnerabilities to the development of addiction” = Cultural biases re:  body image & appearance can isolate the individual, exacerbating shame.

Sentences in quotes are from same source as yesterday.  The link is here.

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