The Ides of NaBloPoMo

What is it I want to say?      What am I trying to do?

I don’t imagine that the power of the food industrial complex will ever be dis-mantled, or even significantly altered.  The machinery for processing the life out of food has been around a long time.  The drive to increase efficiency, productivity and profits is deeply entrenched.  Despite the absurd cries of ‘Socialism!’ that arise when efforts are made to meet the basic needs of all people (read, Affordable Care Act), capitalism is a fact-of-life in the USA, is it not?

As a life-long progressive, I will always be standing against war, environmental destruction, bigotry and violence.  Defending human rights is a baseline.  Perhaps that is the link to what I want to say.  I want to encourage – that is, give courage to – myself and other individuals who have been hobbled by shame.  It is not too late to reject some of the damaging messages that we have ingested since we were children, along with chemically-altered, addictive food products, loaded with salt, sugar and fat.

Even more important, perhaps, is an effort to keep the children of today and future generations from swallowing that crap.  Crap messages of shame and self-blame; crap food from which so much vitality has been leeched.

Home cooks struggle to feed themselves and their family real food that heals and nourishes.  With limited resources and time, it’s hard to resist the onslaught of brilliant, manipulative and well-financed advertising.  Convenience foods with cozy names.  Familiar foods in which the real food ingredients have been gradually replaced by substances developed in labs and produced in factories.

I’m cooking Guatemalan Black Beans today for my family.  They love them; in fact they demand them.  I’ve been making them for 20 years with Organic Canola Oil.  I have a couple of bottles of Canola on the shelf.  Do I use it?  Toss it?  What can I replace it with?  Coconut oil, the latest ‘heart healthy‘ oil would change the flavor of these iconic beans, I would think.  What to do? (These questions refer back to the recent post: Can you guess?)

More questions…always more questions.  IMG_0380

S’okay, keeps me thinking.

What are you thinking?

What do you think?

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