Fluid talk

“Feed a cold, starve a fever”?  Or is it “starve a cold, feed a fever”?

When you get a cold, as I have, what is it you want to eat or drink? teapot

You would think I’d remember, after all these years.  Seems like I may have ‘looked it up’ somewhere, sometime and that the message was:  meaningless old adage; eat healthy food that appeals to you in either case.

But always drink.

I drink tea and water.  Get’s boring, but I have long lost my desire for anything with effervescence (bubbles) or sugary sweetness (an occasional summertime drink of southern sweet iced tea is the only exception), alcohol, chocolate or fruit flavoring.
Herbal teas for now, while ailing.

Strong Irish black tea with a hit of soy creamer is divine, but not to be wasted.  I beg my goddaughters to bring me a box of Lyons tea when they visit family in Ireland, so I am cautious about using up my precious stash. It requires a large mug and T I M E to sit and quietly enjoy the entire cuppa, while it is hot, uninterrupted.  A rare event.

There are two types of green tea that I especially enjoy, Genmaicha and Kukicha.  The first is a mild green tea made with toasted brown rice.  Warm and cozy, like a gentle hug.  Kukicha, made with stems, stalks and twigs is a bit more ‘in your face’, or a gentle kick in the butt:  ‘Wake up!’.

And then there is chai.  I think of chai as a food tea.  The spices remind me of savory dishes and also some baked goods.  With a little dairy or soy and a touch of sweetness, it fills the belly like a meal.

What do you think?

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