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I think it’s time to bring a little color back into this blog space.


Here is my artichoke drawing from the Eating Art Work series.  I’ve always loved artichokes and that made doing the drawing especially fun.  They were the most exotic food that we had when I was growing up.  The only vegetable, except salad items like lettuce, carrots and celery, that wasn’t from a can or the freezer.

It felt so adventurous to use our fingers to pluck off a leaf, (eating with our hands!) And then using our front teeth to scrape off just a bit of the meaty part from the softer end of the leaf.  Teeth and fingers, eating like animals?

In between the pluck and the scrape, there was the dip.  A little dish of melted butter sat on the table between my sister and myself, glistening, rich and inviting.  Pluck, dip, scrape and then toss the leaf into the trash bowl in the center of the table.  Our dad would collect our discards, which he claimed still had a lot of good eating on them.

And then there was the challenge of cutting out the spiny, feathery choke, to reveal the glorious heart.  The heart we could cut in pieces and actually soak in the melted butter.  Decadent!  I think that the luscious melted butter on those artichokes was my first experience of food being a vehicle for salt, sugar and/or fat.  Popcorn was another.

If you were a reader of this blog early on you may recall (or if you want to scroll back to a post from May of last year ‘Little Pistachio’, you will see) that as I ‘talked’ to the various chips I drew, I realized they were primarily vehicles for salt and fat.  Later my research revealed that the food chemists had also slipped some sugar into many of those chips, to bring the ‘user’ to a perfect bliss point.

Tell me, are you aware of any foods you eat that are vehicles for salt, sugar and/or fat?

What do you think?

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