Oreos and Politics

If you are a regular reader of the Boston Globe, that is, someone who reads the editorial page of the Globe, perhaps you were surprised, as I was, to see an editorial  entitled OREOS, one day last week.  I was struck by the title and then by the placement of the short item.  The Globe editors often comment on three separate topics, running down the left side of the page.  The OREO piece was in the middle spot.  Get it?  (If not, let me know…)

Headline:  OREOS:  Lab rats get hooked…   “… A new Connecticut College study shows that Oreos are as addictive as cocaine, at least for lab rats…compared with similar studies in which rats could get a shot of cocaine or morphine, the Oreos activated more neurons in the pleasure centers of the rat brain… than either drug.  … suggesting Oreo’s combination of sugar and fat may be even more irresistible to one’s brain than drugs… [and] may be as hard to kick as drug addiction, and must be treated similarly.”

Key words:  addictive, sugar, fat, drugs.  Strong words to find linked in a main stream newspaper editorial.

Words I have chosen to describe the role of the rapaciously hungry-for-profits processed food industry (makers of convenience food products and diet foods):

Pusher and Pimp.       More on that tomorrow

What do you think?

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