In the center of the page is a beautifully drawn edamame bean.  I have grown them in my garden, but the critters seem to like them too, so there are never enough.  They are the ultimate healthy junk food.  Yes, they need salt to be their most desirable and they need to be cooked correctly.  But they’re actually pretty easy to prepare and they are so good.  Eat’em like chips or nuts.  In fact they’re even more satisfying because they are so green and you get to pop them out of the pod, right into your mouth.  I love edamame.  Great alone or in salads or stir fry.

One night I made “Make you own Sushi” for dinner, and then I drew a slice of maki roll.  I love everything about vegetable maki, from the vinegar on the rice and the wasabi heat, to the fillings (carrot, tofu, avocado, cucumber, sesame seeds) to the fun of rolling it all up in the Nori seaweed and the crunch of the first bite.  I enjoy eating sushi/maki in a restaurant, but the at-home stuff is really the most best, (since I don’t eat the raw fish that restaurants offer.)  More sushi this summer, I vow.

Along the outer edge of the page, three final items.  First is a dried tart cherry, which was virtually impossible to draw, with all it’s wrinkles and brownish-red color.  I love these little guys and sometimes keep a container on my desk.  They are sour, but in the nicest possible way.  There is a fruit (read, sweet) hit that comes with them, even as they generate a lot of sour-provoked saliva.  I can chew and swallow, or let them sit in my mouth for a long time.  Even after a little chewing, the cherry flavor – the wonderfully not-sweet cherry flavor just rests in the mouth.  I have come to despise the uber-sweet flavor that is called cherry, produced commercially.  Too damn much sugar, wipes out the cherry flavor.  Guess that’s part of why I love these babies.

There’s a little side bar playing with the word CHOCOLATE again, with adjectives and descriptions.  It is addictive and easy to obsess about.  And in the guilty corner of the page, an over-the-top confection from a local bakery.  I always forget the name .  When I buy them, I just point.  The base is an almond macaroon – I love pastries with almond – and macaroons, coconut or almond, are reliable favorites.  How did these two cookies, two cookie flavors, come to be called macaroons?  Is it due to the lack of flour, leavening and butter?    Anyway, back to the cookie:  an almond macaroon base (oh… just remembered, they are called ‘almond discs’), topped with a layer of creamy vanilla frosting and then covered with chocolate ganache.  They are divine, over-the-top, killer cookies.  Almost guaranteed to set one off on a sugar binge.

The largest item on this page is a bowl.  It is labeled Big Bowl of Treats.  I was playing with color when I drew it, but I had no idea what I would put inside.  So it has remained empty.  Certainly could hold edamame or popcorn.  Could also hold Halloween candy or a dozen crisp fall apples.  For now I’ll leave it full of imaginary treats.

What do you think?

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