Lemon & Hunny

Ah, the golden corner.  I started by drawing a lemon cake, which I had baked that evening.  It had a gooey lemon glaze poured over it.  It was a really simple and delicious cake.  But when I tried to draw the cake on a plate in a pool of lemony sugary glaze…well, it didn’t really look like a cake, or a pool of glaze.  Frustrated,  I kept on ‘working’ on the drawing.  Eventually it turned into a smeary corner of gold, with the cake now looking like the lid of a jar.  I went into a little bit of a lemon frenzy to try to ‘save’ the drawing.  Then I remember my only rule: NO JUDGEMENT!  The ‘quality’ of my art work is unimportant.  What matters is the act of drawing, the fun of playing with images & colors. After that, it’s about the thoughts, memories & emotions that get stirred up and written down.

I love lemon:  it’s color, flavor and scent.  Citrus fruit will show up again and again on these pages.    Eventually I decide to draw a jar of honey, (labeled, ala Winnie the Pooh, as ‘Hunny’) in the adjacent corner.  I link it to the lemon corner with yellow streams of lemonlemonlemon.  They are good companions.  Lemon and honey together in warm water are absolutely the best, most soothing sore throat remedy ever.

Beside the honey jar is a little triangle of toast, with butter and honey and nearby, apple slices with honey, a traditional Rosh Hashanah treat.  When I am trying not to eat refined sugar,  I will often address the desire for sweetness after a meal with an apple and honey.  I almost choke on the intense sweetness. Can’t eat much of it.  I do love the little stars that appear when you slice an apple across the equator.

Nearby is a larger-than-life, or very close to life-size, saltine, with notes praising their comforting and adaptable little selves.  These simple crackers are a definite comfort food.  It’s a reassuring feeling to know that they are available.  Most anything can be survived with saltines and a jar of peanut butter.  Or saltines and a hunk of cheddar cheese.

Of course another association with saltines is when you are or have been sick.  Saltines and flat ginger ale are comfortingly easy to digest; replacing electrolytes with the salty cracker, sweet soda and the ginger bite.    I have many childhood memories of these plain soda crackers.  Now, maybe they are not actually soda crackers, which I suspect must contain  baking soda, but they are old fashioned crackers,  something my mother always kept in the house.  They were among the classics, long before all the flavored crackers began to fill the shelves of grocery stores.  Honestly, crackers, cookies and cereals…do we really need so many options?

What do you think?

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